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We're the "Jewelers' Jeweler"!

Professional Jewelry Repair

From simple repairs to the most complex projects, Denali Pro Jewelers has the experience to complete the task with 100% satisfaction guaranteed. With 138 years of combined experience in the Jewelry trade, rest assured, we do it right.

Custom CAD Design
Denali Pro Jewelers implements the latest in technology, using state of the art computer assisted design (CAD) technology we assist you in creating the perfect piece of jewelry for your client without being limited to "Counter Style" design where every jewelry store has the same look and feel. With CAD technology your client views the jewelry from all angles, this also allows for using their existing precious stone or metals when needed. Full color renderings are emailed with all CAD jobs, closing more sales while enhancing your profit margins.

cad ringcad ring final

Precious Metal Casting
Denali Pro Jewelers casts with over 15 different alloys and numerous additional options. From basic gold (pink-yellow-white) to platinum, sterling silver and palladium, we cast them all. Be sure to ask about our special blend of 14KT Yellow gold that displays a richer, deeper color without the cost of 18KT or 24KT.

Diamond Color Stone Replacement
DPJ provides diamond, precious-stone replacements, and cutting at excellent values. If stone re-cutting or matched stones are needed, DPJ has the resources to provide you with any size, shape, cut and quality of diamond or gemstone.

Along with a large selection of non-certified diamonds, DPJ offers GIA, AGS, and EGL certificates upon request.

Antique / Estate Repair
DPJ excels at all aspects of estate jewelry repair, restoration, and molds of replacement parts. Each item is carefully examined in order to determine the work needed and to present you with a cost effective estimate. In some cases molds are created of existing parts to match a missing piece making it complete again.

Invisible Set
98% of all Trade Shops will NOT do Invisible Set repair, or if they try, make it worse than when it left your store. Denali Pro Jewelers specializes in Invisible Set Repair. Our qualified staff has over 25 years of experience in repairing and manufacturing Invisible Set jewelry. If you're missing a stone, not a problem. Denali Pro Jewelers can supply all replacement stones for Invisible Set jewelry.

Laser Welding
With advance designs utilizing a wide variety of metals and stones, Laser Welders are fast becoming an essential piece of equipment. The possibilities of jewelry creation are endless with the multiple designs that were once impossible or not profitable to make using a traditional jeweler's torch. Denali Pro Jewelers has made the investment for you, thus making it easier and profitable for you without investing thousands of dollars in equipment and hours of maintenance.

Special Custom Orders
If your client is looking to create a unique design or gives you a bag of gold and stones, rest assured Denali Pro Jewelers can assist in creating a special piece for your customer.

Thinking of developing your own jewelry line? Denali Pro Jewelers currently works with numerous individuals in all facets of manufacturing - Design, Casting, Finishing and Marketing.